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[ENDED] Cross Country Rockit Delid Tool Extravaganza

So since I don't plan on delidding anything for a while and feel sorry for all those overheating Kaby's with hampered performance due to Intel's pigeon poop paste I want to give people the opportunity to pop the top off their CPU's with no casualties. So this is how it works. I will ship the tool out to the first person on the list and afterwards each person will be responsible for sending it to the next person. The last person on the list will be responsible for sending it back to me. I'll also be including the RTV silcone in case you choose to relid. Be advised that this tool can also be used to delid Ivy, Haswell, Devil's Canyon, and Skylake. Please be advised that I am only including the relidder tool for the 1150/1151 sockets. 1155's utilize a different tool for relidding.

  • Minimum Rep: 35
  • Member for at least a year
  • US48 Only
I will leave this open to 20 members. Once the queue is filled I'll ship it out to the first person on the list.

Members should use the tool and have it shipped to the next person by two to three days of receiving it. Please send me a PM once you ship it to the next person so that I can track progress. Also, as I am doing this as a favor to the community, I expect to receive the tool back in the same condition it initially went out in (perfect condition and no missing parts!). If there's anything missing when you receive it please let me know ASAP.

Rockit's Queue List

  1. lynxxyarly (delid complete!)
  2. WannaBeOCer (delid complete!)
  3. Dermen (delid complete!)
  4. Ceadderman (delid complete!)
  5. Dimensive (delid complete!)
  6. bfe_vern (delid complete!)
  7. RuneDunes (delid complete!)
  8. Inelastic (delid complete!)
  9. b0oMeR (delid complete!)
  10. cdnGhost (delid complete!)
  11. wholeeo (delid complete!)
  12. OldChicken (delid complete!)
  13. stephenn82 (delid complete!)
  14. DesertRat (delid complete!)
  15. Iceman2733 (delid complete!)
  16. Ceadderman
  17. Nintendo Maniac 64
Lord Xeb's 1155 Socket Rockit's Queue List

stephenn82's Rockit's Queue List
  1. killerhz
  2. KuufA
wholeeo's Rockit Tools Journey

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Rockit's Cross Country Journey so Far Part 1!
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