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How To Flash A Different BIOS On Your 1080 Ti.

Important note: After flashing your BIOS or reinstalling your video card driver unzip the file below and right click it, Edit it using NotePad, change the '-pl 3**' to your max TDP on your card, Save As the file, choose 'All Files', not '.txt', save the powerlimit.bat file, than right click it and 'Run As Adminstrator'

.bat files for setting the power limit in the BestBiosCollection.zip file attached in this OP.

Note: Top display port will be disabled if you flash a BIOS on the FE other then one of the stock BIOS's.

I've found after flashing a BIOS or installing Nvidia drivers the max power limit is much lower than it should be and this is the fix.

You can find your max TDP in the official BIOS's link.

Link to XOC no power limit BIOS. You don't need to run the power limit .bat file with this BIOS.


Direct link To XOC BIOS from the forum post.


Afterburner 4.6 has been released.


Driver Uninstall Tool, (DDU)do this after flashing a BIOS, then reinstall the latest driver. Choose the Boot Into Safe Mode Option. You HAVE to know your login email or password, a four number pin won't work.


BIOS's to flash.

Best BIOS Collection are the all the BIOS's I tested that give decent results. XOC is power limit free BIOS developed for L2N, still working on our FE's and other cards though.

Renamed by card they come from for clarification with power limit wattage of each one in the name.

Added the .bat files needed to run as Admin after each flash.

Attachment 255616

Important! Don't flash the HOF or MSI Lightning Z BIOS's or any BIOS that uses three power connectors.
They'll brick your card and unless you have a spare card or iGPU you won't be able to flash it back. Also two eight pin power connector Kingpin BIOS will brick your card.


Here's how to do it

Video How To Below By Request

Right click on all zip files, choose Properties and Unblock before unzipping them, might be an issue if you don't.

Attachment 50430

Unzip NVFlash to a folder.

Run an admin command prompt and cd to the folder you made.

Do in command prompt:

To turn protection off so you can flash the BIOS.

nvflash64 --protectoff

Then to backup original bios.

nvflash64 --save filename.rom

To flash bios.

nvflash64 -6 biosfilename.rom

If screen goes black just hit the 'y' key twice, it'll flash and screen will come back on.

Reboot, reinstall Nvidia driver, reboot again.

For more than one card.

nvflash64 --protectoff

Turn protection off. Choose the number of card you want to turn protection off, 0 or 1 for example with two GPUs.

To backup original BIOS.

nvflash64 --save filename.rom

nvflash64 --save filename2.rom

Choose the number of card you want to save the BIOS, 0 or 1 for example with two GPUs.

To flash BIOS.

nvflash64 --list

nvflash64 -6 --index=0 BIOSfilename.rom

nvflash64 -6 --index=1 BIOSfilename.rom

If screen goes black just hit the 'y' key twice for each flash, it'll flash and screen will come back on.

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