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Originally Posted by Steven467 View Post

I'm very interested in this, what's the worst that could go wrong?

Worse can go wrong is the power limit is at 100% and card throttling, some people say it happens to them. frown.gif

Best thing that happened to my card though, getting 2100 with zero throttling in Heaven and in four games I tested, let me find the posts with GPU-Z logs. biggrin.gif

Had to up the voltage to 1.093 for 2100 due to higher ambient temps.

Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls, never goes below 2100 core, 1.093v.

GPU-ZSensorLog.txt 38k .txt file

Rise of The Tomb Raider DirectX 12. Only dipped between cut scenes.

GPU-ZSensorLog.txt 131k .txt file

Black OPs 3, 2100 substained.

GPU-ZSensorLog.txt 14k .txt file

Ghost Recon: Wildlands, same.

GPU-ZSensorLog.txt 114k .txt file

I'm really liking this Strix BIOS, see no need to try others. smile.gif

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