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Originally Posted by KedarWolf View Post

Yeah, it throttles a bit in test 1 and CPU Physics test but not at all in test 2.

The 1569 is it between the tests while they are at the loading screens.

GPU-ZSensorLog.txt 51k .txt file

Still, if there is zero throttling in the four games I tested including a DirectX 12 game then that what really counts. thumb.gif

Oh, and I got it stable at 2100 1.075v again, the issue was it was unstable after a DDU clean uninstall and clean reinstall of the Nvidia drivers. I found a second clean reinstall of drivers without DDU fixed benches and games crashing. DDU clean reinstall causes issues I found. redface.gif

Can hitting 120% powerlimit on ASUS bios while flashed on a FE card be dangerous for it? Thats like way above 300W?
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