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Originally Posted by Awesomedk View Post

Yes it's running 3200 = 1600 mhz, but i have them in slot 2 and 4 i see one of yours is in slot 1 in the cpu-z screenshot
If you go to the memory tab of cpu-z it says DRAM frequency, it should say around 1600 if it's running 3200.

Thanks. Yeah it looks like its running at 3200 (1600 mhz). I am also looking to overclock the CPU, I have currently 3 fans and Noctua 14s running temps are around 28c idel and under load around 45c.

I need to overclock 1700 to around 3.8/3.9/4.0 but I am not sure on Voltage. Shall I overclock to 4.0 at 1.4 volt to see if it overclocks.

Whats the best way to overclocking? to start with low voltages and slowly increase? I think I have enough air cooling to hit stable 4ghz.

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