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Originally Posted by ajresendez View Post

so is anyone having stability issues? I got mine a few days ago and it cant do any of the advertised one click overclocks. Tried doing it manually but that was a no go either, I RMA'd it already going to give gigabyte another shot but I have to say based of reddit a there are quite a number of these cards that just aren't performing. I have the auros edition not the extreme just the regular auros.

Well that really sucks. frown.gif Sorry to hear. I'm not one to bother trying the one click OCs, prefer to do that myself manually. Right now I just finished testing 2000MHz @ 1.031v with Witcher 3, seemed perfectly stable. Now that I've upgraded my card to 150% power limit the real fun begins!

Hope your card gets sorted out quickly. Maybe try OCing manually with afterburner?

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