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Originally Posted by doktor83 View Post


I think that I can explain that.

You can see here: https://www.overclock.net/t/1609782/watttool-a-simple-tool-that-combines-overclocking-with-vrm-monitoring-tweaking-for-rx-400-series that:
Memory clock and voltage: works similar to WattMan. The voltage is not the actual memory voltage (which is fixed to about 1.5 V or needs a hardmod). The voltage controllers second loop is not used, so it is questionable, whether the memory controller has an own dynamic voltage plane. My guess is that the voltage set here simply is a lower limit for the core voltage. If you overclock the memory, always check for memory errors (can be done with HWiNFO)

So WattMan memory voltage is limiting the minimun core voltage when the memory is at the max frequency. And it isn't what you see in the bios editor as memory voltage.

I know how to mod that WattMan memory voltage in my 380 like I say here: https://www.overclock.net/t/1563409/software-for-r9-285-bios-edit/970#post_25725041

But I don't have a 480 or a 470 to test.

I don't see your bios here, but in the grotoc bios those values I guess are: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Orange highlight value I guess is bios editor memory voltage: 1000mv.

Red highlight value 0B, I guess is a pointer to WattMan memory voltage, is 11 so it's pointing to eleventh voltage in vddc voltage table.

Red highlight value B6 03 is 3B6 that is 950mv and I guess is WattMan memory voltage.

Black highlight value is 1650 mhz for the memory.

So changing the pointed value I guess that you could lower the core voltage to 900mv.
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