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Originally Posted by doktor83 View Post

Now this is interesting, i might give it a try when i get more free time.
This explains the next thing:

I modified all GPU mhz/ mV parameters in Polaris on a Xfx 470 4gb card.
Memory also (vddci)

But even after this i MUST lower VDDCI with WattTool to 890mV if i want the undervolt to work.
Looks like the card is ignoring the setting for mvdcc that gets directly from the bios.

Yes, WattTool and wattman memory voltage are the same, I guess that the bios pointed voltage and that it isn't only changing vddci, I guess it coul be changing the min vddci and vddc for the max memory clock like in my 380. So if it's working with WattTool, changing the pointed voltage at the bios could work.

I don't know what the bios editor memory voltage is or if it's vddci, but they aren't the same thing.
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