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@elmor i got interesting thing with my ch6. Any volts i set are higher than what i set. Like ddr i git at 1.375 and its running 1.40x. Pll i reduced to 1.79 and with that it runs around 1.809. Do some of em got it that way or woot?? 2 psu's same thing.

Other thing dunno if ya seen my post but on 079 memory timings got like stuck. Could not lower or rise any. 3x cmos clear and loaded standard ones still ware stuck. Only option to fix it was glashing other bios. Bizzare.

Besides that iw spend 20 hours playing around with 079 and 081 and sticking with 081. Runs great.

One more question. Does this mb got option to turn off HPET??? Or we just turn it off and on in windows. I assune off is better for bios oc??

Thanks. Looking forward for final version of 081 smile.gif
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