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Originally Posted by prelude514 View Post

So I just noticed there was an official Aorus thread. Have basically only been F5ing the official 1080 Ti thread for a week. Traded in my MSI FE today for a non Extreme version since there weren't any left. Where do I pick up my membership card? biggrin.gif

I didn't realize that the non Extreme only allowed +125% power limit VS 150% for the Extreme. I wasn't having none of that, so cross post from the official Ti thread for my Aorus bros:

I have the regular Aorus too. I'm confused which BIOS gives you the 150% and the memory OC? The one on the gigabyte website or the techpowerup?

Whats the max boost clock with no OC and just putting the Power limit to 150%?

Mine hits 1.97GHz-2.0GHz with just the power to 125%, upped to core +15 to get steady 2.0GHz in games.
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