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Originally Posted by Qba73 View Post

Updated to the f5 beta bios and got the 150 limit

Not much testing yet but hitting 2075 solid @69c 150 power limit, and 25 uptick on MHz slider, though I never see it hit higher than 128 pl so may dial it back to 130. On mem solid 500+ no issues.

Do you have a link to the F5 beta bios? I thought they only had F4 beta out.

Yeah my xtreme is stable at 2075 on the core as well, ranging from 2075 to 2050 based on if my card hits 70+ or not. I live in TX so ambient is at like 76F in my house, which causes it to run warmer than others. Extremely happy with it though, been playing Witcher 3 at 90+fps 1440p everything maxed out biggrin.gifthumb.gif

I found that if the card is at 2088 then it has like a 25% chance to crash on heaven or other stress testing.

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