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[email protected] Homepage

Marathon (CPU) Project

May 5th, 0:00 UTC - May 19th, 0:00 UTC

 Countdown to Project Start   |   Countdown to Project End     

Server Status





Official Team Stats 


How does the Marathon project work?

The Marathon project, unlike the other disciplines, will run for the duration of the Pentathlon.


Project Specific Information:

  • [email protected] has two types of apps.
    • The camb_legacy tasks can be run on any x86 or x86-64 CPU without Virtual Box
    • The camb_boinc2docker and planck_param_sims can only be run on a x86-64 CPU, with VT-x or AMD-V enabled, and Virtual Box installed on the host system




*Note* app_config.xml is currently empty, and will be updated if there are any optimizations for the project.

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