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Cross Country (GPU) Project

May 9th, 0:00 UTC - May 14th, 0:00 UTC

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Server Status




Official Team Stats 


Project Specific Information:

  • The GPU apps for Einstein at home can be more efficient if 2 or more tasks are run concurrently
  • The GPU tasks do use a fair amount of CPU time, so if you run more thatn one task at a time, you will want to make sure that you have enough spare CPU cycles to run the GPU tasks.
    • You can adjust the number of tasks to run on your Account page at [email protected]: Account->Preferences->Project and then scroll down to "Other Settings"
      • Adjust the GPU Utiliztion for the number of tasks to run concurrently. 0.5 =two tasks; 0.33= three tasks




*Note* app_config.xml is currently empty, and will be updated if there are any optimizations for the project.

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