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Originally Posted by BUFUMAN View Post

I have also no issues, so far set Proc0Dt to 53ohm, Vdimm Voltage 1.34v or 1.35v, Soc to 0.975v.

Can some one explain what happens whe i rise Pro0Dt? Change of subtimming?


It's not a sub-timing. It sets the termination impedance for the signal lines. When wrong, singal lines experience more reflections, eating into the timing budget and resulting in instability. The correct value depends on a number of factors, including memory density, load capacitance, and can vary from setup to setup according to production tolerances within all associated parts. When set correctly, the memory will have more stability margin and overclocking potential.

Originally Posted by CeltPC View Post

Any particular reason you are using 0079 for your 32GB stability as opposed to the other iterations? Suggestions for my efforts for 3200?

Using 16GB of this DRAM, 3200 was pretty easy.

1) Using 0079 makes sense as the memory I'm using isn't on the patch list for 0082, so no reason for me to be on that build. And I don't need 0081, because I'm not too concerned about the default ODT being 53.3 Ohms. Finally, 0082 is of no use to me for testing 1T.

2) You'll have to stay within the confines of your system config or make a ruthless decision on audio. Getting to 3200 with 32GB requires use of the 2666 ratio, which means you have to use BCLK. If the system doesn't like that, you're going to have to wait for AMD's patch and hope the 3200 ratio, or another closer-than-2666 ratio, works with your kit when that patch arrives.

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