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Originally Posted by spiderxro View Post

Hi guys, i wonder if somebody can help me with a bios mod.
I bought a msi rx570 4gb with Micron memory and i changed the straps in PBE 1.41 from 1500 to 2000. (and now in gpuz it shows Hynix memory?)
But i would like a bios mod for the rest of the settings because i want to use the card in linux.
I would like the following mods if possible:
-memory set to 2050Mhz
-undervolt memory to 900ma
-set core clock to 1130mhz
-undervolt core to 900 ma.

I began to read how to do it myself but I'm new to hex so if anyone can help me i would be very grateful.



Straps from 1500
Mem def set to 2050mhz
Gpu def set to 1130mhz

Undervolted to 900mV, but not sure it will work. Please try and report back smile.gif
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