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Originally Posted by orlfman View Post

If the crosshair is autoing 1.15v for the soc with 2933 and 3200 ratios shouldn't it be safe? i don't see a reason to modify it unless 1.15v's isn't enough. why run lower than the auto soc voltage?

also isn't the greater than 1.2v for the soc crosshair exclusive? since originally asus had a bug that caused soc voltages higher than 1.0v to fry the embed controller on the crosshair. they patched it in 0902. elmor did say in testing up to 1.25v's is fine. anything higher can bring back the motherboard bricking bug of frying the embed controller on the crosshair. he advised 1.2v limit to leave some headroom as 1.25v is the max. so gigabyte might be correct at least for their boards since they might not have the possibility of frying their embedded controllers. i can't recall if amd has released any info publicly about max soc voltages for ryzen.

I don't believe it is exclusive, more a safe limit for the platform if sympathetic and also due to known failures using excessive voltage. What other vendors are saying is up to them, but I'm leaving the recommendation in this thread that 1.2v should not be exceeded, 1.25v maximum.
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