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Originally Posted by Insan1tyOne View Post

Glad to hear that you will share it, we will all be waiting with baited breath I'm sure.

- Insan1tyOne wink.gif

I have received an email today from Dan Hoong over at Zotac. They have now denied giving me the BIOS. I guess we will have to wait for techpowerup to have a BIOS up to test. However, according to the rep at Zotac, these cards have different Micron chips on them. If this is the case, obviously a BIOS flash will not be possible. I will copy and paste his response.


I got an answer from the HQ department regarding GTX 1080 11gbps bios. They stated that these are different models of Memory.
And a bios will not be make for the cards with the different ram chips.

so no bios is going to be released for the older cards.
But again, for the GTX1080 your going from 10.8ghz to 11ghz. A small overclock will bring the ram to that speeds.

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