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Originally Posted by Silent Scone View Post

I don't believe it is exclusive, more a safe limit for the platform if sympathetic and also due to known failures using excessive voltage. What other vendors are saying is up to them, but I'm leaving the recommendation in this thread that 1.2v should not be exceeded, 1.25v maximum.
do you have evidence of higher than 1.25v's frying other motherboard embedded controllers though? that's thing because so far its been 100% crosshair only. not even asus prime suffered frying of the emended controller. elmor admitted they didn't see this issue on them. as elmor only stated the 1.2 / 1.25v limit because of it frying the crosshairs embedded controller, not because of it being safe for the "platform" or the processor. i doubt gigabyte is not only stating, but autoing 1.35v's for 3200mhz ratio if it frys their controllers.

don't misunderstand me, i'm skeptical of voltages above the 1.2v, not because of asus and frying the crosshairs controller, but because of how steep of a raise that is from the default 0.8-0.9v's on the soc. the only thing i wish if amd themselves came out stating safe soc voltages for their processors for we can at least know from amd themselves and not this misinformation coming from the manufacturers. like gigabytes 1.35v and asus 1.2v. at least crosshair is concerned, its because you can fry the embedded controller asus uses on it.

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