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The reason why I posted it is because it suggests a Cryorig H7 with 140W TDP isn't enough to cool a Ryzen 5 in a ventilated case. Many people had conjecture that 1.4V on Ryzen 7 is too much for midrange air cooling.

I suppose this is why Ryzen 7 review kits were sent out with the NH-U12S with industrial 2000RPM fans instead of the NH-U12S SE AM4.

If you look at the Anandtech page, cores at 4.1GHz (XFR) use ~ 22W , cores at 4GHz use ~21W while dropping down to 3.7GHz goes down to about 13W-14W. The memory controller and other non-core power appears to be up to 20W or so. This assumes the automatic voltage that Ryzen requests.
i.e. for 8 cores at 4.1GHz, we would expect 8 x 22W + 20W = 196W
8 cores at 4.0GHz : 8 x 21W + 20W = 188W
8 cores at 3.7GHz : 8 x 14W + 20W = 132W
6 cores at 4.1GHz : 6 x 22W + 20W = 152W
6 cores at 4.0GHz : 6 x 21W + 20W = 146W <--- Cryorig H7 TDP rating exceeded
6 cores at 3.7GHz : 6 x 14W + 20W = 104W

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