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22:00:27:WU00:FS00:0xa7:ERROR:110: Need version 0.0.13
22:00:27:WU00:FS00:0xa7:[email protected] Core Shutdown: CORE_OUTDATED
22:00:28:WARNING:WU00:FS00:FahCore returned: CORE_OUTDATED (110 = 0x6e)
22:01:52:WU01:FS01:0x21:Completed 2150000 out of 5000000 steps (43%)
22:02:00:WU00:FS00:Downloading core from http://fahwebx.stanford.edu/cores/Win32/AMD64/AVX/Core_a7.fah
22:02:00:WU00:FS00:Connecting to fahwebx.stanford.edu:80
22:02:01:WU00:FS00:FahCore a7: Downloading 7.35MiB
22:02:04:WU00:FS00:FahCore a7: Download complete
22:02:04:WU00:FS00:Valid core signature
22:02:04:WARNING:WU00:FS00:FahCore has not changed since last download, aborting core update

These are from my logs. After watching few days of this I did remove the CPU folding slot and remake it. I wonder, whether it helped that the new slot I added got a core A4 work unit instead of a core A7 one (core A7 seems to be the one with botched update)

Oh, also, try rebooting the machine after removing the CPU slot but before adding the new one. I think I may have done that. I don't quite recall anymore.

EDIT: Some ninjas around, anyway....
Originally Posted by Zantrill View Post

It's working.

What I did:

Uninstalled... After uninstall, I deleted the [email protected] folder from appdata.. cleaned the reg


Good to go

Aight, glad to see it's working again.

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