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This is by far one of the worst products I've ever bought, and the company is incredibly inexperienced. I sent in my monitor to be "fixed" because it had a "bad logic board". It worked fine for one week and then started having nothing but the same problems again. I have to solve this garbage monitor's problems constantly by messing with CRU. Whenever I am talking to them through e-mail, most of the time they haven't got a damn clue what I am saying and don't read the entire e-mail/response I send them. It's like they only read ONE SENTENCE and that's it.

Furthermore the "Dynamic Frame Control" option causes the monitor to stutter hard every 2 - 3 seconds unless I have FreeSync option enabled in the monitor's settings. However if I enable FreeSync then my mouse feels really sluggish and imprecise.

If I could afford another 144hz monitor I'd buy one and smash this one in with a hammer because of the amount of grief it's given me since I was convinced to buy it on Black Friday. Never go with an IPS panel for serious gaming, ever.
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