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Originally Posted by rancor View Post

Congrats on your blanket statement for one bad product thumb.gif. I never had the monitor feel laggy when freesync is on unless my frame rate is low and that would be expected. What's your frame rate and game and why would you ever run Dynamic Frame Control if you are complaining about lag?
Pretty sure the product itself is bad considering how many people are having trouble with the default freesync range being incorrect and other problems posted in this thread.

How about just simply **being on the deskop** for framerate? I can notice the damn lag trying to move my mouse trying to click applications. Nevermind shooting at things in an FPS where things are constantly moving. I have to hope they move in a predictable path or stop moving, and my FPS is definitely not the issue. Simply having FreeSync enabled in the monitor's settings, not even enabled on the driver, causes some serious input lag for me.

Do you even know what Dynamic Frame Control does? Because not even AMD_Robert knew what it did when asked in Discord. Says there is virtually no information on the monitor about what it does.
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