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Originally Posted by rancor View Post

I was talking about your statment that all IPS screens are bad. The pixio isn't the best example of a high refresh rate IPS type.

I never had lag like that. Turn on freesync in the driver and monitor and keep everything else off. 17.4.X drivers have been causing problems for me and 17.3.X have been working. You should also turn on response time in the monitor.

As I understand dynamic frame control is adjustable vsync found in the amd control panle. Not sure why it is a setting in the monitor as it doesn't seem to do anything. I haven't tried it lately as the pixio is no longer my main monitor and I don't have three display port outputs so it's running on DVI.

Well good, because if Pixio is near high-end IPS then that's pretty damn bad for gaming.

Turning on FreeSync in the driver and monitor does nothing and there is still gnarly mouse lag. Also, if you have not noticed, the "Response Time" feature is removed in newer updates of the firmware. Yeah, they think it does nothing as they told me in their e-mails and so they removed it as a function.

Dynamic Frame Control is actually pretty damn good in helping me aim, even when it's stuttering. The only way to fix the stuttering is to enable FreeSync on the monitor, but then the monitor has gnarly input lag which then removes my ability to properly aim. So I am stuck with either poor vision, or stuttering, or smooth vision but difficulty aiming.

I'm probably going to downgrade my firmware again to something older that has the response time function. Idk what the hell those yahoos are doing. If I could afford a new 144hz monitor I'd buy one and then smash this one in with a hammer.
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