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Originally Posted by fragamemnon View Post

@WhiteWulfe, just that last one does the trick; I am safely failing uploads now. wink.gif

I posted the others for the sake of completeness.
Originally Posted by tictoc View Post

Einstein doesn't seem to respect work cache settings. No matter what I set it will only download new tasks as tasks are completed. Anyone else seeing the same thing? If not how are you getting more work?

How many work have you got? I discovered that after sending several valid tasks, I am now able to download a couple of hundred new ones on my slacking machine. In fact, I fully filled the queue on my 2P from the first get-go.

I assume that you get bigger and bigger pre-download allowance dependent on the quality and quantity of your recent submissions.


Right now it only downloads a task when a task is finished. This is the message in my log:

Not requesting tasks: Don't need (CPU: ; NVIDIA GPU: ; AMD/ATI GPU: )


Same thing on 2 machines.  No other work is being done, and no tasks are waiting to upload.

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