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Each card is different, so your final overclock may be more or less than others. It also depends on your willingness to increase voltage, and ability to cool your card. A high overclock on the 980 is 1500/8000, which neither of my 980s will do reliably, much less in SLI.

You will need a reliable GPU test that will operate in a loop. I would suggest unigine valley or heaven. Both are free, and both loop.

Start by taking the Power % slider all the way to the max (120?)
Increase your core clock by 10Mhz steps and let it run for 10 minutes. Do this until it fails. Subtract 50Mhz from the speed that caused the crash...this will be your core overclock. Repeat these steps for memory with 25Mhz step.

This will get you close to max stable overclock on stock voltages. You can always increase voltage and repeat from your known Mhz values if you are not getting the performance out of your card that you want.

Overclocking GPUs is pretty straight forward. There is not much immediate risk involved to the card, save for overloading the PSU. GPU manufacturers have pretty much locked down voltage on GPUs to very conservative and very safe ranges...you pretty much cant fry your card using any of the sliders available.

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