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Originally Posted by RS87 View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
AMD Ryzen Processor and AMD Ryzen Master Over-clocking User’s Guide

Figure 11: AMD Ryzen Master application - Memory Overclocking Example
In the above example the memory clock is adjusted from default 1200MHz (DDR4-2400) to
1333MHz (DDR4-2666) while timings have been increased from 17-17-17-17-39 to 18-18-18-18-
40. Memory voltage was also adjusted from default 1.20V up to 1.296V and SOC Voltage was set
to 1.20V
. Note that Memory VTT voltage will automatically be set to half of Memory voltage


4. Safe voltage ranges
Note that the listed values are not guaranteed and only for reference.
Ambient recommended - Ambient max -LN2 recommended - LN2 max
CPU Core Voltage 1.40V Up to 1.45V 1.80V Up to 1.95V
SOC Voltage 1.15V Up to 1.20V 1.20V Up to 1.25V
DRAM Voltage1 1.40V Up to 1.90V 1.80V Up to 1.90V
1.8V PLL Voltage 1.80V Up to 2.10V 3.00V Up to 3.20V
1.05V SB Voltage 1.05V Up to 1.40V 1.30V Up to 1.40V
1.8V Standby Voltage 1.80V Up to 2.10V 2.10V Up to 2.30V
2.5V SB Voltage 2.50V Up to 2.80V 2.70V Up to 2.80V

Just to clear thing up a bit I thought I'd copy and past a couple of tid bits from the guides we have at our disposal. The first is AMD's guide and the second is Elmor's guide.[/

I appreciate your time for posting this, I have read those guides wink.gif , but I will roll with The Stilt's suggestion in SOC <1.10V wink.gif . Like I said before higher SOC maybe masking UEFI deficiencies in maturity.

This CPU (sample 3) prior to 9943 2933MHz was max strap I could use. Using BCLK I could get max 3126MHz posted into OS. Even pumping CPU 1.55V / SOC 1.1V I could not get 3200MHz strap/higher RAM with lower strap+BCLK tweaking. I did not do further testing as I thought I will wait for new UEFI.

Usual 3.8GHz OC for this CPU is ~+193mV, SOC: 1.05V VBOOT/VDIMM: 1.35V, ProcODT, etc [Auto] and I got 3333MHz now on UEFI 9943.

Gonna do some MemTest next.


Just got a -239°C DIMM temp in latest HWiNFO, maybe down to CPU-Z open for screen grab at the time, not had errors reads for a while on past builds.
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