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Guys I have a question. After I flashed my bios on my GTX970 and achieved the best reasults of core clock and ram CAN I DO SOMEWTHING ELSE TO BOOST THE PERFORMANCE ????
I use it for competetive gaming & need the best i can get. For example to up thew l2c GPC ? What are the safe numbers. If I make TDP base clock to Boost clock number (mine is 1531.5mhz) am I going to perform better. If i use Kboost feature on EVGA or 3D mode on ASUS, although my core clock "line" is flat in Afterburner. Give me suggestions please. The card is unlocked. It has Power Cap in Valley benchmark but in BF4 is good.I cant go higher on Power delivery because i have 2 6 pins.
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