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Originally Posted by tictoc View Post

Currently running Amicable for the first time on an AMD GPU.  With kernel size set to 21, and stock clocks on a Fury-X, runtimes are about 340 seconds.  Looks like this is still a project that prefers NVIDIA GPUs.  Looking through some other results, the Fury-X appears to be roughly equivalent to a GTX 970.


No kidding my RX-480 in Windows in taking 495 seconds and my GTX-960 in Linux is about the same at 505.  I wasn't aware of any tuning for the app, what effect does kernel size have?


edit - oh I see


Starting with version 1.11 it's possible to set kernel size for your GPUs at the preferences page.  Default kernel size is 20. This is what version 1.10 used as well. Available kernel sizes range from 16 to 21.  Smaller kernel size reduces UI lags, but increases OpenCL API overhead and therefore is slower. Decrease kernel size if your user interface is laggy/unusable when running GPU version. Larger kernel size increases UI lags, but uses GPU more efficiently. Increase kernel size if GPU load is less than 100% and you don't have UI lags or the GPU is not used for display output at all.

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