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Originally Posted by lordzed83 View Post

I Will try this after work and see if works THANKS smile.gif
Originally Posted by XEKong View Post

I think I found the answer to the freezing problems. It has to do with AHCI link power management. It's hidden by default. You will need to open the registry editor and perform the following.


Change attributes from 1 to 2


And again change Attributes from 1 to 2.

Now go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Power Options click on "Change Plan Settings" and then click on "Change advanced Power settings".

Now under "Hard disk" you should have AHCI Link Power Management - HIPM/DIPM and AHCI Link Power Management - Adaptive options.

Change "AHCI Link power management" To active, which means there is no power management for AHCI and finally change Adaptive to 0 milliseconds (Although if you enabled "active" this option has no effect).

Finally under "PCI Express" Change "Link State Power management" to OFF.

This solved my freezing problems.

Did above, both settings were already set, no need to change: AHCI line was set to active, adaptive = 0, PCI Link State = OFF

I only have very brief pauses, usually less than a second or two. Currently running memory 3466 and Aida Stress Testing.
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