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Originally Posted by cookiedent View Post

is there any Solution to bring the CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 with Hynix and Micron Chips over 2400 MHz with BIOS 1401?
All Settings for Samsung doesnt work.

I have the same chips. On 1401 I boot to 3200 easy and it trains instantly.

Try 16,17, 17, 17 38 timings and manually set procodt to 53.3 ohm. I have my dram voltage at 1.45 and SOC voltage at 1.18 (maybe 1.15?)
In tweakers paradise I have dram boot voltage also set to 1.45.

Under advanced, amd cbs, umc, common options I have boot attempts set to 4 (but this only took 1)

I don't even have to adjust cld0vddp to move a memory hole on these bios. Trained first try.

To ensure you arent experiencing voltage/temp issues related to low fan boot speeds (specifically if you use an AIO cooler) make sure to disable your cpu overclock before trying to train.

I have successfully gotten stable at 3333 Mhz at 17, 18, 18, 18, 39 timings but ultimately didn't keep it there because it effected my max overclock on the cpu for what I assume are voltage/thermal strain issues related to either vrm or imc.
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