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Originally Posted by ninogui View Post

Hi all

First build ever of CH6 + 1700 and first ever wc aio lol, an upgrade after 10 (yes ten) years of faithful q6600 services

I am waiting for the arctic 240 am4 bracket but meanwhile have it temporarily on the supplied wraith cooler. Because the arctic 240 is coming with 4 (lower end) fans I am using 2 of them up front plus a corsair ml140 bottom front and back out

went straight to 9943 because of flareX 3200, xmp settings added manually, 34-14-14-14 cr1 at 1.373 (1.300 entered in bios), amd balanced power profile on w10
I have still to install the amd/ryzen asus utils, just messing with the bios, aida64 osd running in the back

On this temporary setup and on windows performance mode 37.5x at 1.373/1.393 cpuvolt (1.300 entered in bios) 1.221 soc (1.100 entered in bios) seems prime stable although vrms´s in the 60-68ºc, cpu at 48-51 or less, chipset 48-51.
This gives me 1653 in cinebench cpu. Is this minimally good for 24/7 ?

Just to see what would happen also tried 102 bclk on top, with the same voltages all over but crashed at boot, so I went back on that for the time being

- Are the values shown in bios real, and if so regardless of the normal fluctuations are they typically always higher than what you think you are entering ?

- Maybe a bit off topic but I will believe a lot of people here must have a 240 rad mounted at front. For my fractal S case (and household - dusty) the best setup would be rad front bottom and fan on front top to help the vrm, but besides threat of bubbles is the pump - that will be higher up - going to struggle some more by not benefiting from gravity ?

thks guys

Originally Posted by kaseki View Post

In a closed loop system with no hydraulic accumulator, the pressure loss fighting gravity to some height is regained by the return path. It does not matter where the pump is in this circuit because the pressure across the pump is determined by the pressure losses from turbulence and restrictions around the entire loop. The pump flow for a particular pressure loss can be found if one has a pump spec showing flow rate versus pressure across the pump -- the counterpart of a fan curve in ventilation contexts (HVAC).

In hydronic heating systems with the usual accumulator (expansion tank), this is not true and the pressure loss from pump to the height of the heating register has to be accounted for in estimating flow.

As I don't have a water cooled PC, I have no idea whether accumulators are used in the loop.

Thks for the great inside.! I really wanted to ear this . Let´s see if I don´t get any pump bubbles in this config.

About my other questions any clues people ?
PS when I said 9943 I meant 1401 that´s where I am right now. Maybe I should go back into 9943 ?

CH6 Ryzen 1700 malaysia, 2x8GB FlareX F4-320014D-16GFX, Msi 1060 OC, 960Evo 250GB + alphacool passive cooler
Arctic liquid freezer 240 4 fan config, Seasonig prime 650 gold hybrid mode, a bunch of additional disks
Fractal design define S + 4 Corsair ML140, phanteks led strip, Teufel 5.1 speakers, Asus PB240 ips
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