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Originally Posted by YpsiNine View Post

You are welcome. Here's an update:

Ok so I have had time to do some proper testing, and as I suspected my 3600 was not fully stable. I tried to fiddle a bit with some different settings on this speed but was unsuccessful.
Then I noticed @Gadfly post about his 3466 settings where he included all the timings and subtimings as well as his settings for voltage.
So I gave those settings a try, I did a 1:1 copy and fired up the machine.
I did a slight modification by bumping BCLK to 100.2 (because I am sick and tired of getting ~3893 MHz CPU speed, yes I know, I'm slightly pedantic) and reduced voltage all around just a little bit to see if it would work. And it did work beyond my expectations. Magic!

400%+ HCI stable. I don't know which of the settings did the trick in the end but combined they surely worked out nicely.
So went from 3200 C14 (with worse sub timings) on bios 9943 to 3473 C14 (with better sub timings) on bios 1401. This is a great bios indeed.
Using an 1800X. Ram kit is G.skill 2x8 3600 C16 (Part nr F4-3600C16D-16GTZR).

Using P-state OC with value 9C (3900 MHz).

Here are my general/voltage settings:
BCLK Frequency [100.2000]
Memory Frequency [DDR4-3473MHz]
Core Performance Boost [Disabled]
CPU Core Voltage [Offset mode]
CPU Offset Mode Sign [+]
- CPU Core Voltage Offset [0.02500]
CPU SOC Voltage [Manual mode]
- VDDSOC Voltage Override [1.11250]
DRAM Voltage [1.38000]
1.8V PLL Voltage [1.80000]
1.05V SB Voltage [1.05000]
CPU Load-line Calibration [Level 1]
VDDSOC Load-line Calibration [Level 1]
DRAM VBoot Voltage [1.38000]

DRAM CAS# Latency [14]
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Read Delay [14]
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Write Delay [14]
DRAM RAS# PRE Time [14]
DRAM RAS# ACT Time [28]
Trc_SM [42]
TrrdS_SM [6]
TrrdL_SM [9]
Tfaw_SM [36]
TwtrS_SM [4]
TwtrL_SM [10]
Twr_SM [10]
Trcpage_SM [Auto]
TrdrdScl_SM [2]
TwrwrScl_SM [2]
Trfc_SM [280]
Trfc2_SM [Auto]
Trfc4_SM [Auto]
Tcwl_SM [14]
Trtp_SM [8]
Trdwr_SM [6]
Twrrd_SM [3]
TwrwrSc_SM [1]
TwrwrSd_SM [7]
TwrwrDd_SM [7]
TrdrdSc_SM [1]
TrdrdSd_SM [5]
TrdrdDd_SM [5]
Tcke_SM [6]
ProcODT_SM [Auto]
Cmd2T [1T]
Gear Down Mode [Enabled]
VTTDDR Voltage [0.69300]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA [0.50000]

Full settings file attached as well as a screenshot of the HCI run.
Thanks a lot again to Gadfly for these settings. I will be looking around if you ever put out a 3600 C16 configuration.
And thanks to e@elmor @[email protected] for making this motherboard a great one.

current_setting.txt 20k .txt file

That is great ram to do that with DDR @ 1.38v and with ProcODT at default. Check the post right above you by the Stilt for 3600 speeds. It might work.
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