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Originally Posted by afaque View Post

hello guys i need some help here. I am running an rx 480 reference 8GB on ethereum mining and im currently getting 29.2 mh/s . I have already copied and pasted 1750 timings to 2000 timings and i can overclock my memory to about 2115 and this results in the 29.5 mh/s. So i wanna ask that can i get more performance out of the gpu by using the ubertimings 3.1 for my gpu or that wont do me any favour?
And also those ubertimings need to go only to 2000 strap?

I'd recommend trying and finding out. Currently I'm running: 1305 core / 2050 mem / 1075v with UberTimings v2.3. It's performing on average 29.7MH/s. Only in the 2000 strap is fine.

You might have to down clock from 2115MHz on your VRAM, but if you can decrease the speed while maintaining a similar hashrate then it would benefit you (or even better if you can maintain 2115MHz, you could surpass 30MH/s if you're lucky.)

It's all experimentation; you'll have to try it out and see with UberTimings v3.1 (there is a v3.2 beta on one of these pages if you want to try that as well.) Good luck!
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