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Originally Posted by Karunious View Post

I'd recommend trying and finding out. Currently I'm running: 1305 core / 2050 mem / 1075v with UberTimings v2.3. It's performing on average 29.7MH/s. Only in the 2000 strap is fine.

You might have to down clock from 2115MHz on your VRAM, but if you can decrease the speed while maintaining a similar hashrate then it would benefit you (or even better if you can maintain 2115MHz, you could surpass 30MH/s if you're lucky.)

It's all experimentation; you'll have to try it out and see with UberTimings v3.1 (there is a v3.2 beta on one of these pages if you want to try that as well.) Good luck!

So thanks for ur advice, i tried out the uber timings 3.1 and my mining performance increased to about 30.8 mh/s at about 2115 memory clock which i used before with my own 1750 timings (to get 29 mh/s)
Now the memory threw about 5 errors in 6 hours straight eth mining so i dialed it back a bit down to 2100mhz and now im getting 30.7 mh/s and its great.

Thanks for these timings smile.gif
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