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hi guys

i have a small problem. I think i bricked my Asus Strix 480. Yesterday i tried to install a modded bios with better latency but the flash failed and after a reboot my PC didn't even post.

Today i organiced an other pcie-gpu and but the Strix into Slot 3 of my Board. There is a gts210
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ok so a few months back, i had this issue with my reference rx 480. after a system reboot i got with intel hd graphics, i was able to flash the gpu back to original bios.

rebooted multiple times with no avail. sadly atiflash 2.74 seems to not work from a freedos usb stick anymore. it allways tells me that "This program cannot be run in DOS mode". Did anybody encounter that problem as well?

the card seems to be recogniced at some sort because gpu-z tells me it found a card:

and the card seems to work because i get solid 29MH/s with Claymore eh-smiley.gif

***? didn't test that yesterday because i asumed the card was dead.
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