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EDIT .. wink.gif misread

Maybe someone has the answer to my unsatisfactory endeavor.
A long way back I found it a sport to try to overclock my system. But allot has changed over the years. where is my FSB at.. Am I getting old wth.gif

I have been fiddling around for hours and hours with a Asus RX580 OC 8GB (Hynix mem) and I have gotten it from 20 Mhz to 25 Mhz by copying the 1750 to 2000. Adjusting the mem clock. I get somewhere around 26 Mhs when i'm on 2090 memclock but then I get artifacts and eventually a crash. I have read the better part of this topic but I can't find any specific solution to my low hashrate. When I look at my GPU load in GPU-Z then it is at 16%. This is not the figure I see when I look at post from other people. Then it's solid at 100%.

I'm using claymore 9.5 on Windows 10. Latest AMD driver. Pixelclock. 1750 to 2000 straps. link to my current set-up
also with:

I would be very grateful if some1 knows what to try thumb.gif
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