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Originally Posted by Egilman View Post

Originally Posted by tictoc View Post

I have this running on my 480 in Linux, and the initial results look very good.  The sample size is small, but here are a couple of tasks for comparison vs my wingmen:

Edit Just noticed that computer 788 is Egilman and one of his 7990s. biggrin.gif  

Just remember that 7990 is running 4x..... (I know it's an excuse, but then again I have the fastest Tahitis on the project, probably cause I have the only independent Tahitis on the project)

Still this is the first project I've seen a 480 faster than a tahiti of mine....... Opps wait a sec........ that is in Linus isn't it? biggrin.gif

Well, that changes everything, try and get that time in windows..... {chuckle}

Decidedly an Nvidea/Linux favorable project. probably something I won't be running run long term..... Currently I've got 8 on it and it pencils out to 1.3 million a day.

Besides I have a strong dislike for projects that update once a day, makes it difficult to track. (and very boring)

Just for clarification when you say 4x is that concurrently per GPU (8 tasks per video card, 16 tasks for the machine) or do you mean 4 tasks total for the machine?

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