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Originally Posted by tictoc View Post

Just for clarification when you say 4x is that concurrently per GPU (8 tasks per video card, 16 tasks for the machine) or do you mean 4 tasks total for the machine?

16 for the machine, 4 per GPU......

My app_config....

Runs very smooth and cool, and I was giving it 8 cores in process lasso. At Collatz settings, (or a bit below)

One of the problems with tracking the WU's is that they are all different lengths ranging from 9 seconds to 22 minutes. (CPU's turned off in preferences) So we have to resort to wingman searches to find comparables.

Not an easy task.....

So, for those specific WU, if I was running just those WU I would be getting 4 per GPU in 10:27 or 2:37 per WU, for the whole machine the output would be 39-40 seconds per if it was running just that specific type of WU. But it gives out all the different WU sizes all at the same time so it is very difficult to track comparisons like this...

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