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Originally Posted by Timur Born View Post

The clamp part where the tube enter the pump are made of plastic. I can push the tube (+O-ring) back in using quite some force, but pulling it out needs much less force. I suspect that some part of the plastic ring/clamp holding the tube's end is broken.

According to Arctic the coolant is distilled water plus small amounts of oil. I can certainly attest to the oily nature of the residue. For fun and profit I also stuck my multimeter's probes into an oily pool I found left on the frame of my GPU's cooler. No electrical currents going through there, so nothing to worry about.

Good to hear. I use compression fittings had plastic clamp ones that came in standard. I just used piece of copper wire and allot of turning force so it almost cut the hose off biggrin.gif Still on pump holding strong as hell.
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