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Originally Posted by DanteNahuel View Post

Hi guys. I just bought a completely new rig:
Aorus x370 gaming 5
Ryzen 1600
MSI 1080
Crucial Ballistix Sport 2400mhz 16 16 16 39.

The Vendor claims he can run the RAM to 2933mhz in almost every board

When I set the multiplier to 29, the BIOS shows 2933mhz, but the CPU-Z Aorus shows the frequency as 1197mhz... so which one is right?

How much voltage should I add to make the RAM stable?

Which program should I use to stresstest the RAM and check for stability?

And how much should I tweak the timings?

Thank you in advance.

Ewww the "In ALMOST every board line".

Did he say that for the sale or did he basically guarantee it to get you to purchase?

Not trying to hate, however if you don't have Samsung B-Die RAM IC's with your Ryzen CPU you will not have a good time with overclocking the RAM which is what an XMP profile does.

If you can bro, take that RAM back and get a kit of either G.Skill 3200mhz C14 or 3600mhz C15 or C16. Personally I would buy the Trident-Z 16gb (2x8) 3200mhz C14 kit. I'm not a fanboy or anything but I only buy G.Skill RAM and for a reason. They truly do make the best RAM. I've only had positive experiences with G.skill memory. They are also one of if not the easiest sticks to take the heatspreaders off of, which BTW helps with temperatures. Heatspreaders, from what I have seen.... Act more as an insulator than a heatsink/spreader.

My RAM was running at around 38-41c before WITH active cooling.... Took off the heatspreaders, now I see a max of 35c under full load at 1.5v. Not kidding. 35c at 1.5v is really damn good. At that temp I don't ever have to worry about 1.5v being an issue (It's not an issue really... all DDR4 can handle it, it's whether or not the extra voltage is beneficial).

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