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Originally Posted by Dave89
thats what in the end i tried to do as i new 98 had to go first, then xp adn then suse as it has its nice grub boot manager

BUT...it doesn;t work

its the 98 install bit

i cant just install it as a OS using the whole of my disk (im guessin like i said becuase it was origally fat 32)

see what im after is
10Gig 98 (fat32)
100 gig xp (NFTS)
10 gig suse (whatever it uses)

so its the 98 install bit i can't seem to get it to work?

What no partition for a swap file too?
How is he going to use XP to format the 98 partition if it 98 has to be loaded first.
Been a while but 98SE, 2000Pro then Linux or no go then. So it should be the same w/XP in place of 2000Pro.
If the Fat32 is giving you the headach, try formating just that first with the HD mfgs utility.

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