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Originally Posted by chakku View Post

9945, then 1401 and now 1403. As far as memory compatibility goes they're all the same. Before 9945 I hadn't tried these specific timings but I couldn't really get to 2933/3066 before that BIOS version anyway (The board had 1201 when I bought it and I went straight to 9945).

Ok, all of those bioses are equipped with the newer PMU firmware (01.50 a.k.a "46").
It's a long shot, but you could try if the older firmware (01.46 a.k.a "42") works any better.


No other changes besides the PMU FWs.

Use Flashback to update.

Leave all of the DRAM related parameters to default settings for starters, except the ProcODT.
I would start testing from 80Ohms.
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