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Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post

Mine basically sucks IMO. Just gonna try The Stilt's 9920-SP42M to see if this 1800X will start behaving. I'll tryDDP increase like your setup.
For me it is a decrease. Earlier BIOS versions set VDDP below 0.9 V on Auto, now it's around 1 V on Auto. No idea what VDDP does after CLDO_VDDP was introduced, but 0.96 V worked well for me before that.
Truly wanted this to beat the R7 1700, but it isn't IMO. 3.9GHz is pants IMO taking into consideration premium for this CPU vs R7 1700.
Could be that while it doesn't clock higher for CPU it might work better for combined CPU + memory OC? Or it only is better for CPU oc without memory OC? No idea since I went straight for the 1800X to be on the "safe" side.
Like that it "divider jumps" for RAM without CLDO_VDDP tweak, but not really a reason to keep if it's not as stable as my other CPU.
This changed with 9920 for me (different default CLDO_VDDP on Auto?), so it might not be the CPU but just the new BIOS.

I am currently in loop 12 of testing 3963 + 3366-C14 (around 190 gflops), using the same voltages as before.

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