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Originally Posted by Screemi View Post


i already posted in the polaris bios mod thread but found this one while googling. maybe it's the better place to discuss my problem

no i found the following quote in the comments of the 8-1 pin method:
that seems to be the case for my card. does anybody have an idea how to fix it apart of the pin shortening?

if not i have to go the pin route. does anybody have an idea where the bioschip of the strix 480 is located? after some googling i found a picture of the back of the pcb but the resolution is not that high. i marked the ic i suspect to be the bios.


I tried atiflash 4.17 from 2013 but i get a "adapter not found". any other dos versions i can try?

€dit: i used every force string available with atiflash and what can i tell you: The freaking Card is up and running again!!!! should have tried that earlier. already got my solder iron ready biggrin.gif

Is that the correct chip? Which is pin 1 and pin 8?

That is the correct chip, however the pins that @mikhan posted are NOT correct. When looking at the chip and reading the writing on it, you need to short the pins on the left side that are across from one another (note the location of the notch):


Works like a charm!!! Thanks so much mikhan
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