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August Projects of the Month

[email protected]

Start: 10 - Goal: 7 - End:   |  It looks like there are a fair number of tasks right now, and we have never ran this in the POTM.  If we gobble up all the tasks too soon, then we will swap over to another project.  This month I will actually have another project queued up and ready to go.  :o


theSkyNet POGS

Start: 15 - Goal: 14 - End:    |  After the short run of Sourcefinder last month, let's give it's big brother a run.  With a big push I think 14th is within reach. :thumb:



Start: 24  - Goal: 23 - End:   |  This is the same goal that we had when we last ran this project in December.  Planet 3DNow!  is within reach, so let's see if we can find some Primes!!! :D



A little bit of everything this month.  Happy Crunching. :cheers: 

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