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Originally Posted by br0da View Post

MSI's 13 phases aren't 13 VCore phases for real.
Just 10 of them seem to be for VCore, also they are driven by a IR35201 so it's just 5 real phases doubled up to 10 in total.
Still ten phases with IR3555 / IR3556 parts would be capable of more theoretical output current than 8 pahses with IR3555 but again the heatsink might have a huge impact on the actual maximum power output.

So at the moment it's very hard to tell what design is worth its money.

Given the design of the cooler, surely we would be able to plug a small 60mm fan there to provide direct cooling yes?
Personally I do like the Carbon. Is ~$240/£180 cheaper in here UK compared to the Zenith ($445/£340 vs $683/£520) while it doesn't shy off the main specs.

And MSI has showed both in X370 and X299 platforms has very good product with great performance overall.

What's your thought?

(had the MSI X79 GD45, the cheapest of them all, and was clocking the 4820K @ 5Ghz without sweat, and the 4930K @ 4.6Ghz, what a great board it was)
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