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Originally Posted by Revan654 View Post

Unless things have changed there spare O-Rings. The smaller one is for the inside of the fitting if you need to replace it. Some forget to edge the sides of the tubing before inserting the tubing. They just tear the o ring apart when they do that.
I pulled an inside o-ring out and it is indeed the same size as the smaller o-ring. I would think if that was intended as a spare, then the larger one would come pre-installed in the collar.

Originally Posted by Costas View Post

Shouldn't that line read... "I still have not decided how empty my wallet will be" ....biggrin.gif

In regards to your pressure testing - In practice your loop's working pressure build up is way less than your lowest figure of 8 PSI (unless you have a serious restriction present) so you have plenty of headroom to play with.

You will also find that over time (a week or two), the O-rings will actually 'stick' to the tubing and will be much more difficult to remove which was another reason why I chose to add a small amount grease to them.

At the end of the day it won't make too much of a difference either way...

Looking forward to see you build completed...thumb.gif
Good to know the o-rings will stick better with time. Yes using all fittings is definitely more expensive!

Plus as you know using the larger 16mm tubing actually requires three fittings to make a 90, unlike the smaller size where you can get a single fitting like this.

I really liked the fitting spread sheet you did on your 'DownUnder' SMA8 Build - Déjà vu build. I've referenced that several times and may do one here too once the loop is complete.

Originally Posted by OCDesign View Post

It’s only a little bankrupting…
You of all people should know wink.gif Your IronBeast build has to have the title of "Most fittings in one build"!

Originally Posted by cpachris View Post

How did you decide to finish the pump brackets?
The pump brackets are complete and I am thrilled with how they came out! However... I am going to keep you in suspense until I get the final pump pictures done tongue.gif

While sleeving the pumps, as I reached for my bottle of Krazy glue I found that it had solidified. My extra bottle was bad too. So I ordered more with two day shipping like 10 days ago and still have not received it yet. Hopefully I will have some nice shots for you soon.

Originally Posted by chibi View Post

No kidding, I could have built a fairly decent secondary rig with the fittings cost alone... LOL! thumb.gif
I hear you. Fortunately I bought all the fitting I thought I needed awhile back. Of course as it turns out while installing the reservoirs and the first tube, I needed fittings that I did not have rolleyes.gif

Bags of EML16s and 90s

Originally Posted by m1ndb3nd3r View Post

Subbed... I am interested in the pumps as well...
Welcome aboard!

I am hoping to have the final pump pictures up here in the next few days.

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