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Originally Posted by Fediuld View Post

Since Zenith has the same power delivery with the K7 (8 phases), do you believe the latter being a good option for overclocking, or better buy the MSI with the 13 phases?
However the Zenith & Prime are coming with heatpipes and fan under the top cover to cool the VRMs. :/
But does the Zenith worth the +55% pricetag over the MSI?

Strictly from a VRM standpoint, no.

NOw if the other features on the X399 Zenith Extreme justify the price, that's a totally different ballgame. Another big question will be which of these motherboard makers has the best BIOS among the X399 board manufacturers. That is also a big unknown.

I found Gigabyte and Asrock to be the best here, but YMMV. It really depends on your system configuration too.

Originally Posted by MadOver View Post

Just wished Asrock would bring their OC series to AM4 as well... that would kick ass. biggrin.gif

Nick Shih currently has no plans to design a X399 OC Formula unless AMD releases the necessary overclocking information. This is also why there is not X370 OC Formula.

Originally Posted by br0da View Post

A look onto the second heatsink with its fan of the Zenith:


-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIiLPgoUYGw

It's good to see that they are adding active cooling. I fear that X399 might need it. With double the cores and less room for VRMs due to the large socket along with the 4 channel RAM, there's little choice but to add more. If only it could be combined with that MSI heatsink ...

Maybe MSI will do so with their high end X399 XPower. Hopefully they will have a second "connecting" heatsink that has a lot of surface area.
Originally Posted by br0da View Post

For the ASRock it's 8 phases for VCore too.
At the moment I don't know about what the ASRock VRM is capable off under real conditions but according to OC3D the Zenith VRM is able to output 550W continuously (?) without 'getting really hot at all'.

Excellent. IN that case, we may not need to worry about VRM blocks.

Originally Posted by AlphaC View Post

Taichi main heatsink isn't that impressive

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

ASUS Zenith

GIgabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7

I am wondering how much surface area the MSI one has for the VRM heatsink.

It actually looks like a serious heatsink as opposed to a solid block of aluminum.

Originally Posted by The Stilt View Post

The inductors are most likely the same as on C6H, i.e microfine SMDs.
FPCAPs (10K) everywhere, VDDCR_CPU filtering is taken care by 12x 470µF FPCAP tantalum caps.

I'm surprised they didn't use 12K caps which they use on their WS series of boards. Not a big deal though.

As expected though, it is 8x IR3555M. Thanks for confirming. They have used this on the X99 Rampage Extreme, the X299 Rampage Extreme I think, and now the X399 Zenith Extreme.
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