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Originally Posted by Barefooter View Post

I pulled an inside o-ring out and it is indeed the same size as the smaller o-ring. I would think if that was intended as a spare, then the larger one would come pre-installed in the collar.

Plus as you know using the larger 16mm tubing actually requires three fittings to make a 90, unlike the smaller size where you can get a single fitting like this.

The smaller one fits around most tubing just fine if you know what your doing.

I always use whats pre-installed (Both O-Rings). The other two are moot for me. Always remember to get the o-ring wet before trying to install tubing & have the edges of the tubing properly curved so o-ring does not get ripped apart.

That is only true with Bitspower other companies make 90, 45, etc... for 16mm OD. Unless your working with glass, it's easier just to bend the tubing to create 90 or 45 degree bends. Plus you can save a bit of money on fittings & to that money toward something else.

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