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Well i am up and running all AMD all DAY tongue.gif

1950x kellyrippa
32 gig Gskill flarex 3200c14
asrock Taichi x399
Corsair H115i cooler with twin EK Varder 2K fans(only spinning at 1k most of the time)
grizzly kryonaut BIG HUGE BLOB on the Z method
Corsair RM1000(bulletproof PSU
XFX Vega 64 8 gig
corsair 750 case
Samsung evo 850 500 gig ssd
couple of mechanicals and a blu ray drive.

that's it.
My build story is easy, all things arrived stripped the Baymax asus and 1800x out.
installed the cpu to the board(and i have to say it is the easiest cpu i have ever done.
3 2 1 pop pull levers pop up and pop out cartridge
place threadripper cartridge in push in till click lower down and push gently till clicks.
turn screw one till it bites.
push and turn screw 2 till it bites push turn screw 3 till it bites

torque screw one torque screw 2 torque screw 3.

big blob on Z throw the cooler on and tighten in pattern make sure it is as even as you can.

throw the rest of the gear in fire it up
first boot straight into bios.
set fans up set ram to xmp/doscp

windows download and setup drivers and download latest bios
reboot to bios flash bios reboot reset up ram and fans.

enjoy smile.gif

some pics.

some 3dmark and vega results with comparisons and some rough power and temp readings for the vega.
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